New Years Eve 2015

Sun n Sand Resort
2701 South Ocean Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

You are invited to a fantastic event on front beach - Myrtle Beach.
Knowing that Mardi Gras & Halloween are still popping up in your memories, I am sure this will be a sexy night without fail. 

Ball Room opens at 7:pm - Check in - get your spot - mingle 
Party gets going at 8:pm to 12:30am

DJ Big Sexy 
Great Music, Great Lights & Great Fun

Badd Kitty Door Prizes
Divine Abandon Door Prizes
50/50 - 1 ticket = $5.00  - 3 tickets = $10.00 
*1 free ticket at the door will serve as your Badd Kitty door prize ticket
Late Night Pizza at The After Party
Love Swing, Sexy Music & lots of Happiness will be our goal, come and make it happen.

Couples - $50.00 (prepay) - 

Single Ladies - $20.00 (prepay) 

Select Single Gentlemen - $120.00 (prepay only) after contact & approval (limit 5)

*Prepay ONLY for this event.
*Refunds will be given up to 72 hours before the event.

Staying at the hotel is not require but HIGHLY Suggested.
Security will be on hand and checking arm bands both in the ball room & upstairs.

 Hotel Info 

To book under the group block and get the room discount,
call the front desk ONLY - 843-839-9375

~Mention Divine Hotel Party Group to receive the best rate.

You CAN NOT make these reservation on the website or other travel sites.

~Tuesday Night anywhere in the hotel is $49.00 + tax = $62.38
~Wednesday Night *except on The After Party Floor* is $49.00 + tax + $62.38
~These floors will be occupied by Vanilla Folks as well,
so please remember to cover up at all times. 

~Wednesday Night on the After Party Floor  will be $79.00 + tax  = $96.28

                ***********NO DECORATIONS or PUBLIC PLAY on these floors.**********
We like this hotel, it works great for us and with us. PLEASE remember that although we play a bit differently, we still have class and respect for everyone.
~If you want to be on the After Party Floor, there may be rooms left, just ask to see.
~The After Party Floor  -  
Reservation Required
~The After Party Floor is a bit different this time due to this hotel having Time Share units on all floors.
  To make an entire floor available to us requires a good bit of preparation with outside brokers & unit owners. Therefore, the hotel has a higher rate for that night only.

REMEMBER - Whether you stay on The After Party Floor or not, you can attend the festivities on The After Party Floor and then retire to your room wherever it is in the hotel when the late night festivities are over.
                        Clothing MUST be covering up all your areas which is only appropriate,
                         in ALL areas of the hotel, including hallways.
                        I don't own the place so we have to follow just a few rules. Once again, only right.
                        Do Not find yourself going home early.............!
                        ONLY, The After Party Floor can be decorated.

                                                        Reserve your room ASAP

I am also the secretary 
of DA and not very good at it. Don't worry, my lack of office skills come from lack of desire to do it. I LOVE having a party. I have always been good at it and it makes me happy. If you can't have fun at one of my parties, you just didn't come to have fun! 
Gennie Divine

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